Weekly Live Q&A Lifting the Stay-at-Home Order Lifting Stay-at-Home Order & The Impact on Community Association Webinar

Weekly Live Q&A - Lifting Stay-at-Home Order & The Impact on Community Associations & Business Webinar

Live Q&A webinar every Wednesday at 10:15 am (60 minutes)


How should community associations prepare for the lifting of stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic? What approach will community associations take to reopen common areas and amenities? It is not an all-or-nothing tactic. Community association, management companies, managers, and business partners will need to carefully consider how to phase in operations. It's our next normal.

CAI-MI is hosting a Q&A webinar with a panel of experts and CAI members who will share information and trials on the critical first steps back from COVID-19 lockdowns.

Please submit the topics you would like to discuss each week to ced@cai-michigna.org by Friday each week.