Correct bills in Lansing

  • HB 4015 (2017)– This bill would require budget approval by the majority of the co-owners to raise assessments, allow co-owners to withhold assessments and recreate an administrator to file lawsuits against associations and board members. This bill has been assigned to the committee on local government and has not yet received a hearing. The Michigan CAI LAC opposes this bill.
  • HB 4446 (2017) – This bill would remove the anti-lawsuit provisions so associations can defend themselves and enforce bylaws. This bill has been assigned to the judiciary committee and has not yet received a hearing. The Michigan CAI LAC supports this bill.
  • HB 4660 (2017) – This bill would hold condominium associations responsible for ensuring that carbon monoxide detectors are installed in units in cases where they have transient tenants. This bill has been assigned to the committee on regulatory reform and has not yet received a hearing. The Michigan CAI LAC opposes this bill in its current form.
  • SB 333 (2017) – This bill would remove actions to foreclose on condominium liens, action to enforce condominium documents and actions to enforce homeowner’s association documents from the jurisdiction of the business court. CAI’s proposed changes to the bill were accepted by the Senate Judiciary Committee. This bill has passed the senate and house with CAI’s changes incorporated and has been presented the Governor to sign. The Michigan CAI LAC supports this bill.
  • SB 386 (2017) – This bill would amend the Michigan General Property Tax Act and would provide additional avenues to challenge improper tax foreclosures. The bill has been passed by the Senate and is awaiting a hearing in the House Finance Committee. The Michigan CAI LAC supports this bill.

Professional Credentials

CMCA® - Certified Manager of Community Associations®

The first step in gaining the fundamental knowledge you need to manage any type of community association.
The CMCA certification, administered by CAI's affiliate organization, National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers (NBC-CAM), is recommended for all community association managers. It can elevate your credibility and your community association's confidence in you.

AMS® - Association Management Specialist®

The second level in CAI's career development track for community association managers.
The AMS designation demonstrates a higher level of commitment to your career and the community association industry. An AMS designation is recommended for managers who want to enhance their career opportunities by increasing their knowledge and expertise.

PCAM® - Professional Community Association Manager®

The pinnacle of community association management. The PCAM designation is the highest professional recognition available nationwide to managers who specialize in community association management. Earn your PCAM and join the elite—the select—the best.
Recommended for experienced managers who want to demonstrate advanced skills and knowledge and who wish to be recognized as one of the best and most experienced managers in the nation.

CIRMS - Community Insurance and Risk Management Specialist

The CIRMS designation recognizes a demonstrated high level of competency within the risk management profession.

AAMC - For Community Association Management Companies

The AAMC accreditation demonstrates a company's commitment to providing the unique and diverse services community associations need. An Accredited Association Management Company ensures that their staff have the skills, experience, and integrity to help communities succeed. Its managers have advanced training and demonstrated commitment to the industry—just the type of professionals that community association boards seek to hire!

CCAL – College of Community Association Lawyers

The CCAL acknowledges CAI-member attorneys who have distinguished themselves through contributions to the evolution or practice of community association law and who have committed themselves to high standards of professional and ethical conduct.

Reserve Specialist (RS)

Are you seeking to expand your clientele and enhance your career? Community associations rely on qualified reserve specialists to assist them in extensive reserve planning to keep their communities running smoothly. Gain the confidence of board members by obtaining the Reserve Specialist® (RS®) designation.
The RS designation is awarded to qualified reserve specialists who, through years of specialized experience, can help ensure that community associations prepare their reserve budget as accurately as possible.